Why Did The Goldbergs Get Snubbed?

So yesterday’s Emmy nominations once again brought heartache to millions of Goldnerds around the world. Our beloved show was overlooked in every category possible, and the big question on everyone’s minds is – Why?

Well, that’s actually a rather simple question to answer,  so please indulge me.

The Goldbergs, much like The Middle, is laden down with the moniker “Family Sitcom”.  Now don’t get me wrong, the problem isn’t in being a family sitcom,  the problem is the perception of a family sitcom. Academy voters, have often deemed themselves too cool for school in their viewing habits, and would probably describe their comedy wants to be “edgy”, or “loud out loud hilarious” or whatever bullshit adjective is being tossed about today and trust me – I get that! There’s nothing wrong with having prerequisites for your comedy shows, I know I certainly have them, but dismissing something based off a generic genre falls completely into the realm of – get over yourself!

A show based around a family doesn’t automatically make it Full House style fluff. Just watch Malcolm in the Middle for example, that show was  smart, funny, and edgy – and dammit you loved it Academy!

You also celebrated Everybody Loves Raymond for years, which was very much a family sitcom, and what about your current darling, Modern Family? Sorry to break it to you guys, but in the genre category – that too is classed as a family sitcom.  Just because it airs at the 9 o’clock hour doesn’t make it any more deserving of your kudos. All you need to do is sit down and watch these shows, even just once, before you put it into a neatly packaged box. I know you can do it guys!

At the end of the day though, I know The Goldbergs isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do know that given half a chance many voters would see what us fans have seen from the very beginning – that it’s one damn funny show! And really isn’t that what Outstanding Comedy Series should be all about?





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