Special Edition Post: An Open Letter To The Ghostbusters Haters

Normally this blog is all about television, since I’m a TV junkie and that is ultimately where my heart lies. However, there’s been no escaping the constant barrage of hate for the new Ghostbusters film – and I just can’t take any more. So please enjoy this special edition post.

Dear Haters,

So you’re not into the new Ghostbusters, huh? Okay. I can get that. It’s a reboot of a beloved film franchise, that ultimately never needed to be made. But you know what? NO REBOOT EVER NEEDS TO BE MADE!  In the past half decade or more Hollywood has churned out numerous film and television projects based on old material. Fuller House, The X-Files, 21 Jump Street, blah blah blah and yet none of these updated versions garnered the level of negativity that Ghostbusters has. Why?

Now I don’t want to play the whole “you’re a misogynist who needs to grow the fuck up” card here but I’m going to explain why many people think that is the case…


As soon as director Paul Feig announced he was doing a Ghostbusters film starring all woman, portions of the internet banded together to christen it “the worst film ever made” – a vast majority being men. When the trailer was released on Youtube it was down voted so many times that it currently holds the title of most hated video on Youtube, again – a vast majority of these haters were men.  In fact any mention of the 2016 film brings out the worst in the internet, and a  lot of the the venom is coming from – say it with me!- men. So now can you see why people are saying this is more about gender than it is a reboot? I’m not going to lump everyone guy into the same category, because for the vast majority of you out there – I don’t believe this is the motivation behind the hate so let’s look at the other reasons, shall we?

The trailers haven’t been funny. Okay, that’s a fair claim and I will be the first to admit the trailers for Ghostbusters haven’t been the best but that isn’t the filmmakers’ fault – it’s Sony’s. This is also an issue that Feig has brought up in many, many interviews saying he’s been at odds with Sony for a while about the tone of each trailer that’s been released. Besides, we’ve been here before gang, he also had a similar problem in 2011 with the initial trailer for Bridesmaids – until Universal finally gave in to his complaints and gave him free cut of the trailer. And we all know how Bridesmaids turned out right? Yeah, nominations, and accolades galore AND it was hilarious. So while a film’s trailer is essentially it’s selling point, you can’t always dismiss a whole film based off it. Besides, I’ve seen far worse trailers out there – for starters Batman Vs Superman so get a grip.

It’s a reboot. Yeah it is, and trust me I get that argument. However, the biggest question I have for those spouting this is: Where was the similar backlash for Transformers? Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Neither of those films, also based off wonderful moments from our childhood, were subjected to the same level of hate and disgust as Ghostbusters. No one tried to dismiss these films before they were written, no one started boycotts, and no one sent hate Tweets en masse to the people involved.  Making matters worse though, is that both of those franchises were helmed by director/producer Michael Bay. The “legend” who brought us Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and something starring Vanilla Ice.  Seriously people? You’re okay with that guy in charge? Ugh. The humanity!!! As a true pop culture nut, I can honestly tell you I entrust my childhood more to Paul Feig and Katie Dippold than I do to Michael Fucking Bay! Once again, get a fucking grip because no one is out to ruin your childhood – but if you do want your childhood ruining please Google Scooby Doo Apocalypse.

Can you all stop hating on the Ghostbusters, and explain to me what this fuckery is?!?

Can you all stop hating on the Ghostbusters, and explain to me what this fuckery is?!?

All in all I’m not here to beg you to go see this film, if you don’t want to see – then don’t see it. What I am asking you to do is cool your fucking jets. Let the people who are excited about it be excited. There is nothing wrong with having opinions, hell this blog is full of mine, but there is a problem when your opinion becomes your obsession, becomes a platform for hate, or you think your personal opinion is anymore than just that… a PERSONAL OPINION. Just because you hate something, doesn’t mean the whole world has to hate it. If that were the case The Big Bang Theory would have been cancelled after the first episode.

So to all my fellow Ghostbusters fans – let’s go out there and have some fun because at the end of the day it’s just a film, and I ain’t afraid of no haters!


A good portion of the world.

In Feig we trust!

In Feig we trust!


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